Plant Monographs

Plant Study Guide


Sweet Basil


Hawthorne~The Faery Tree

Vitex For Female Health and Hormonal Balance

The Medicine of Elecampane

The Wild Ways Of American Sarsaparilla

Getting To Know White Pine

Plantain~A Humble Plant With Big Medicine

Echinacea And All That


Muscle-Skeletal Pain And The Gut Connection

Our Ears And The Herbs They Love

Adaptogens And The Many Ways We Dance With Life

Late Summer Allergies


Budget Herbalism

Today’s Tea Blends

Gathering Smoke~Making Incense From The Land

Making Flower Waters

Sacred Tea Ceremony

Making White Pine Syrup

The Art Of Herbal Tea Making


Full Compassionate Dig

Root Birthing

Wild Sarsaparilla Digging

Sacred Plant ID

Gathering Wild Black Cherry Bark


Emergent Herbalism; plants, people, and culture

Radicle and Rhizomati; Notes from a folk herbalist

Wild Plant Gathering in the Chthulucene

Herbalism Rising and Staying With the Trouble

Invasive Plants and Preaching to the Choir

Herbal Medicine And The Meeting Of The Worlds

Bioregional Herbalism ~ An Introduction To Ecological Relationship & Place-Based Practice

Synergizing Germ Theory

Herbal Medicine And Social Justice

Place Making

Winter’s End And The Promise of the Seeds

Ephemeral Encounters

The Crucible Of Place

Winter And The Cycle Of Life

Living In Place And The Genius Loci


Keeping Hearth~The Practice Of Sacred Householding

Co-Creative Gardening


The Four Elements And Traditional Western Herbalism


Astrology And Herbalism ~ A Primitive Union

Lyme Disease

Living in Tick Country

Primitive Skills

Wild Imprints

Ancestral Recovery

Conversation With A Bog In Ireland

Poetry and Miscellaneous Musings

Bone Mending

Wild Apple

Why I Garden

Manifesta Of An Earth Herbalist

Prayers I Say To The Spirits Of The Land