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~ La Luna ~

plants of the moon

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This is a self-paced class that includes 2+ hours of video lessons, 6 downloadable pdf’s including a plant/moon correspondence worksheet, and a guided moon/plant journey meditation audio recording.

Once you register you will be sent an email with a password to the classroom portal that contains all of the class materials. These will be available to you indefinitely.

This class is multilevel for both herbalism and astrology from beginner onward.

Registration is open now! As soon as your registration is received you will receive an email with a password to access the classroom portal.

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An online astroherbology class where you will learn how to track and identify the corresponding patterns between plants and the Moon.

This class deeply explores the nature of the Moon and the plants that are “ruled” or resonant with it. Plants that have similar or sympathetic qualities to those of the Moon will be discussed as well as how the Moon influences the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms of the Earth and the human body. There five modules that include the below topics:

  • The basic nature of the Moon from the perspective of traditional astrology as well as other cross-cultural planetary systems

  • Moon signs of the zodiac and how the Moon is expressed in each sign along with a bit of medical astrology

  • Determining the qualities and aspects of the Moon and matching them to qualities and aspects of plants.

  • Monographs of several plants that fall under the category of “Moon plants.”

  • How to use and prepare each plant as well as a general explanation of herbal preparations

  • Understanding how the Moon is connected to the inner journey, intuition, it’s place in 3 dimensional reality, the dreamworld, and how Moon plants can support us along our paths.

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Module Overview:


  • La Luna Introductory PDF

  • La Luna : The Moon Introductory Video Lecture 34:54

  • La Luna : The Moon Introductory Audio Recording


  • The Moon and The Body PDF

  • The Moon and The Body Video Lecture 35:36

  • The Moon and The Body Audio Recording


  • The Moon in the Signs PDF

  • Preparations and Use PDF

  • Finding Your Moon Sign With An Ephemeris Tutorial


  • Plants of the Moon PDF

  • Preparations and Use of Plants PDF

  • Plant + Moon Correspondences Worksheet

  • Plant of the Moon Video Lecture 57:09

  • Plants of the Moon Audio Recording


  • Moon and Plant Guided Meditation

La Luna : Plants of the Moon
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