Stirring The Cauldron Of Winter

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cauldron book for webpage.jpg

Stirring The Cauldron Of Winter


Herbal Wisdom for the Dark Times

This small book offers a pot full of herbal remedies, recipes, seasonal wisdom, a bit of Celtic lore and several hand drawn illustrations. It is a collaboration between Lisa Fazio and Scott Ferguson that has woven Lisa's lifetime of herbal practice and study with Scott's innate pen and ink artistry. 

 We are published this book with are own small press publishing company, Many Roots Publishing, and your order will support  this grass-roots, local company that intends to offer many future publications focused on herbal medicine, bioregionalism, re-localization, culture, and sustainability. 

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When you receive your book, inside, you will find several chapters about the following topics:

  • Winter and the Wheel of the Year

  • Dreamtime and keeping a dream journal

  • The importance of movement

  • Nutrition

    • Getting Vitamin D

    • How to eat with the seasons and why

    • How to make Immune Soup

  • Herbal remedies and recipes for

    • Flu prevention

    • Coughs and Colds

    • Fever

    • Making herbal teas

    • Using herbs with children

  • Artwork~Inside the pages are several of Scott's hand-drawn images. These drawings were all inspired by Lisa's writing.

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