Teasel Flower Essence Sessions


A very special set of flower essences the are used as part of an energetic treatment protocol developed for those with Lyme disease and related or similar infections.

The Teasel Set contains essences that help restore energetic balance to those who are compromised by bacterial infections. Most of the essences in this set are made from blooming bands on the teasel comb which correspond to different chakras in the energy system.
— Delta Gardens

The session involves a technique called Partnership Energy Transmission. This is an energetic process that incorporates teasel, and sometimes other flower essences to promote healing and dynamic equilibrium in the energy system of your body so that your body can awakening and activate it's vital and innate propensity to health.

Teasel Treatments are done in person at The Root Circle in our teaching classroom space and they take about 30-45 minutes. The treatment is done on a massage table, fully clothed, where you just lie down and relax. It can be compared to a Reiki style treatment although it is not in any way a style of Reiki. The practitioner chooses from a set of teasel flower essences using a pendulum and dowsing technique. Once the essences are chosen you are given one drop of each. These essences are prepared in brandy so are alcohol based. Next you will lie down and the practitioner will spend time basically holding the energetic space for the natural healing propensity of the essences to do their work. The practitioner will sit at the end of the table by your head for several minutes and then at your feet. The only physical contact is when the practitioner touches your ankles during that phase of the treatment and this contact is optional.