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Plant Medicine for Mental Health:

stress, anxiety and depression

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With Lisa Fazio, Community Herbalist and Lauren Eadline, Community Herbalist and FNP

Saturday October 26, 2019

10-4pm : Bring a bagged lunch and we’ll have snacks and tea!

Place: The Root Circle : 2739 Newport Rd, Newport, NY *See our classroom space HERE

During this full day workshop we discuss herbal allies for the many ways that stress and trauma manifest as patterns in our bodies, minds, and our relationships to others and the world.

We will go over the basic physiology of the autonomic nervous system, the stress response and it’s evolution, the pathology paradigm and how anxiety and depression result as adaptations to these ongoing states and conditions of neuro-emotional dysregulation.

We will go over specific herbs for the entire spectrum of systems that are impacted by stress beyond the obvious symptoms. Further, we will discuss how herbs can be included as part of a holistic protocol for releasing chronic anxiety-depression patterns and healing deep physiological and psychological health and well-being.

Topics include:

  • Neuro-endocrine system

  • Allostatic load

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • Polyvagal theory

  • Complex trauma

  • Types of herbs for the nervous system: nervines, adaptogens, herbs for sleep and digestion

  • Nutrition

  • Preparations: how to make teas and otherwise take herbal medicines

  • Flower essences

About the teachers:

Both Lisa and Lauren have personally faced the challenges brought about by living with chronic anxiety and depression. Each has had their own unique journey with using plant medicine and traditional western herbal healing techniques as part of adapting to, managing, and overcoming the effects of ongoing neuro-emotional dysregulation. They offer their own experience as well as their experience of working with others as practitioners.

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Lisa Fazio is a community herbalist and the founder of The Root Circle. She has been a student of herbal medicine for more than 25 years and a practicing clinical herbalist for 15 years. Lisa’s academic background is in Ethnobotany, Psychology, and Human Services specializing in developmental different-abilities. She is also a flower essence practitioner, writer, astrologer, mother of 4, and practitioner of Italian Folk Medicine.

For more about Lisa go HERE

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Lauren Eadline is a Community Herbalist, RN, MSN, and FNP-C. She is an endocrinology nurse practitioner at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Syracuse, NY where she specializes in type 1 and 2 diabetes management, autoimmune thyroid conditions, osteoporosis and transgender care. In both her practitioner and educator capacities she utilizes nutritional interventions, lifestyle changes, herbal therapies and Western medicine to help students and patients along the path of healing and to promote health empowerment.

To learn more about Lauren go HERE

This class is priced on a sliding scale. Sliding scale pricing is a tool for economic justice and provides accessibility to more people. It is up to you to decide where you are on the scale as it is based on honesty. If you’re new to sliding scales it might be hard to know where you belong and what you should pay. If that’s the case go HERE for a better understanding.

Plant Medicine for Mental Health
from 45.00
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