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Past Classes and Events

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Mid-Atlantic Women's Herbal Conference

October 3-4, 2015

Herbal Allies for Pain-the Leaky Gut Connection

Bioregional Herbalism


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Northeast Herbal Association 25th Annual Retreat

October 28-30, 2016

Astrology and Herbalism

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Crystal Valley Red Tent

The Tale of the Lindwrym

Saturday at 2 PM - 5 PM
at Faces of Astarte
407 Canal Place, Little Falls, NY

This months topic will be the symbolism of the snake or serpent through history and as well as how it pertains to us as individuals both personally and as a global community. Lisa Fazio will offer a retelling of the Tale of the Lindwyrm as told to her by the British storyteller Martin Shaw during the recent "Age of the Serpent" event she attended in Brooklyn. A Lindwrym is a mythical creature that is part human and part snake and is an old Norwegian story that has traveled the world and taken many versions through its journeys.

We will also discuss Snake Medicine as it acts a healing force of nature and how the ancient roots of the snake as part of human evolution and consciousness.

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Herbal Hoedown

June 3, 2017

Medicinal Plant Walk

Join Folk Herbalist, Lisa Fazio of Many Roots Earth Center as we identify local medicinal plants, explore their uses as food, medicine, and as allies for community empowerment and resilience. Our medicine plants are a part of our “social field” that extends our community beyond merely human contacts and relations into daily as well as lifelong and intergenerational interactions with the more than human world. We will discuss current thoughts on how to orient our relationships with invasive, naturalized, and native plants along with the tenets ethical harvesting, conservation, and restoration.


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Herbal First Aid

During these changing times of uncertainty, grounding ourselves in some practical skills can empower us as individuals and as a community.

Learn the basics of Herbal First Aid with Lisa Fazio Herbalist, Herbal Street Medic, and certified Wilderness First Responder and Dorothy Connor, RN and a member of the American Holistic Nursing Association (AHNA). We will discuss herbal remedies, bandaging, splints, ace wraps, and so on for minor injuries and acute illnesses including wound cleaning, strains and sprains, infections, stress, shock, and how to know when it’s time to go to the ER or call for higher definitive care. We will give examples of what are the best herbal preparations to have in your first aid kit and medicine cabinet as well as herbs for traveling and to bring along hiking and camping in the wilderness. We will also briefly discuss some post-disaster nutrition, health and healing strategies.

This class is appropriate for any level of herbal student from beginner on up!

Topics we will cover:

Types of preparations and their shelf life: teas, tinctures, salves, powders,etc, Pain, Wounds, Rashes,Sprains and Strains, How to stop bleeding, Dressing wounds, Bandaging, Making splints, Insect Bites, Burns, Fever,Infections

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Crystal Valley Red Tent @ THE ROOT CIRCLE


April 1, 2017 2-6PM

Hosted and facilitated by Lisa Fazio

Together we will explore dreaming as a tool for self-awareness. Even if you don't remember your night dreams, everyone has them! We will discuss methods to promote dream recall, what dreams are, and where they come from, perhaps demystifying our night journeys(not too much :D) to make our dreamtime a more accessible source of insight.

Symbols and imagery in dreams are unique to the individual and arise from the landscape of our unconscious that, when we connect with, can reveal great inner and outer truths.

Bring a notebook and pen, a recent dream if you have one, a yoga mat if you have one, and a pillow or blanket.

Why are we renaming the Mohawk Valley the Crystal Valley? There are a couple of reasons. The most obvious is the abundance of quartz crystals known as Herkimer Diamonds that are found within the dolestone here. These crystals are the most valued of quartz and known worldwide as a sacred healing gem. Our gorgeous, green valley is a mecca for quartz miners who come from all corners of the Earth every year to collect it.

These clear, bright, "attunement stones" were also believed to be highly revered by the First Nations. The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) that at one time widely inhabited the Mohawk Valley and New York State were a confederacy of six nations. One of these nations, the Kahnien'keha:ka (Mohawk People), pronounced, Ga-nia-gay-ha-ga, or The People of the Flint were the Keepers of the Eastern Door and lived in the Mohawk Valley and it's surrounding hills. Interestingly, flint is a form of quartz and the flint we think of as being used to make tools and weapons is not in great abundance here. There are no flint quarries or archeological evidence of specific flint mining. And, according to Dean R. Snow, historical anthropologist, "...the flint (or more properly chert) sources in Mohawk country were not particularly sought after. More important were the clear quartz crystals now called Herkimer Diamonds, which could be quarried in a few local mines and abound on Mohawk village sites. These were highly valued by Iroquois and other nations. Kanyenke was more likely "Place of the Crystals." Crystals were symbolically imporant as amulets of success, health, and long life, artifacts more likely to inspire a name than a second-rate chert. The Mohawks were the main suppliers of quartz crystals up to 1614."

So here we are, in the Valley of Crystals! Please join us! 

This is a free event! Donations accepted but not required! 

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Herbal Protocols For Lyme disease

Sunday .  September 17, 2017 .  2-4 PM

Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica

10 Higby Rd, Utica, New York 13501

Join Lisa Fazio, community herbalist, as she shares  herbal protocols for Lyme disease at our local Lyme support group. Lisa has many years of experience using herbs for self, family, and clients as primary and complementary remedies for addressing the various issues related to Lyme infection as well as Lyme co-infections. Herbs can be used along with conventional antibiotics to prevent chronic infections, lyme re-occurence, and as a method of relieving related pain and discomfort. 

HOSTED BY: Mohawk Valley Lyme Support Group

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with Lisa Fazio and Stephanie Moore

October 14 . 10am-noon ~ @ The Root Circle

2739  Newport Rd . Newport . NY

COST// $20

Lisa and Stephanie are getting together to make Fire Cider and you're invited! It's that time of year when the smell of warm, fallen maple leaves mixed with moist soil, and apples surrounds us as the year turns to autumn. Now we begin to prepare for winter by stocking our medicine cabinets with good herbs for cold and flu season. Making Fire Cider is a Folk Medicine tradition that is a potent immune booster made from simple foods/herbs. Many cultures around the world have their own version that includes spicy flavors that increase warmth and aid the flow of circulation. 

Togther we'll each make our own personal batch, discuss the medicinal properties of each ingredient, and various recipes that you can use your Fire Cider in. 

PLEASE BRING// A lidded glass pint jar and apple cider vinegar( enough to fill pint jar). 

We will provide all other ingredients!


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H E R B S   F O R   C H I L D R E N   A N D   B A B I E S

at The Root Circle with Lisa Fazio

2739 Newport Rd. Newport, NY


November 4 + 10am-4pm

Lisa's work as an herbalist began with using herbal remedies with her own children. In this class we will cover a comprehensive range of herbal and nutritional remedies for dealing with common childhood ailments. We will discuss the different types of preparations that are most suitable for using with kids, where to buy ingredients or already made preparations, as well as dosages and safety. Kids can be tricky to get to "take their medicine" so we'll offer some secrets and sneakiness to get your child to take herbs. We will also make a simple calendula salve that can be used for anything from cuts, scrapes, chapped lips and diaper rash.

Topics will include:

  • teething

  • diaper rash

  • colic

  • colds and flus

  • ear infections

  • exzema and other rashes

  • food allergies

  • fever

  • stomach bugs

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With Kate Gilday and Lisa Fazio

A series of four evenings, one per month:

January 25, Wednesday February 22, Wednesday March 22, Wednesday April 19

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

at The Root Circle

2739 Newport Rd, Newport NY

Join Kate and Lisa in this special circle where we will share knowledge and tools for self-care specific to the female reproductive cycle during all phases of life. As women we embody the feminine side of nature that often requires us to nurture and care for others making it important that we refill our own vessels. This series of gatherings will offer us a time to address our own inner needs, our health and well-being, and connect with others. We will discuss the art and practice of self- care, herbal remedies, nourishment, Ayurveda, flower essences, moon and dreamtime wisdom, and the overall empowerment of the feminine.

Each gathering will address specific topics:

January 25- Menstruation ( our moon-time) , the hormonal cycle, and menstrual issues~ PMS, Cramps, Heavy bleeding, irregular cycles

February 22-Reproductive conditions; Fibroids, Cervical Dysplasia, STD’s, UTI’s Ovarian cysts,etc

March 22- Fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, aphrodisiacs too!

April 19-Menopause; peri-menopause, menopause, and post menopause

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The Language of the Plants 

at Shawangunk Nature Preserve // June 4, 10:30am - Noon

255 Shawangunk Road
Cold Brook, NY 13324

Learn the traditional art of plant communication with Lisa (Hawthorne Hill Center for Bioregional Herbalism) by exploring the Doctrine of Signatures that was used by pre-modern cultures to determine the healing nature of a plant. We’ll discuss how to increase our sensory perceptions of plant patterns and how they correspond with human patterns through observation skills, plant morphology, some simple botany and the concept of heart resonance. Suggested tools to bring: a pad to sit on, colored pencils, notebook/sketchpad, camera, outdoor clothing and footwear.


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Herbal Aphrodisiacs And making a Love Elixir

                                                                     October 15, 2015 @5:30 pm

Faces of Astarte //407 Canal Place, Little Falls, NY

Cost: $28 includes all materials

Sex drive and sexuality are a naturally occurring result of good health.  Join us for a workshop on herbal aphrodisiacs and learn to make a Chocolate Love Elixir with organic Cacao, brandy and herbs known to improve health and vitality that will release the libido so that it may be fully accessible.  Libido means “drive” or “energy”, is a natural instinct of life, and a is a result of overall health. When our life force is optimal we feel creative, energetic and open to enjoying all that being human has to offer.

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Local Medicine Makers Series

Location: Old Path Farm

9035 Grange Hill Road, New Hartford, NY 13413


I.Tinctures, Vinegars and Honeys

Saturday May 9, 2015   // 12-4pm

Cost: $40.00 in advance, $50.00 after May 1st

Learn the ancient art of medicine making that is at the core of mainstream modern herbalism.  We will discuss the folkloric or “Simpler’s” method of making medicine as well more recent techniques for making tinctures, vinegars, infusions, decoctions and honeys at optimum potency. A menstruum of water, alcohol, vinegar or honey is required to extract the medicinal compounds of the plants and you will learn to choose a menstruum based on which compounds and concentrations you desire. This will be a hands on workshop as well as informative and everyone will make and take home their own preparation.

II. Oils and Salves

Sunday, July 19th 2015  // 12-3pm

Cost: $35.00 in advance, $45.00 after July 1st

Learn to make your own medicinal oil and salve with locally harvested plants. In this class you will learn about the various oils that can be used to make solar infused oil. Solar oils are made by placing leaves, flowers, roots and/or barks in vegetable oil to steep. The sun’s powerful rays extract the medicinal compounds and the oil can then be made into a salve or used on its own. You will take home your own oil to infuse and a salve.

III. Elixirs, Cordials, Syrups

Sunday, September 13th, 2015  //. 12-3pm

Cost: $35.00 in advance, $45.00 after September 1oth

Sweetened medicinal preparations are a fun and concentrated method of making herbal remedies.  Join us to learn how to make medicine from berries and bitters that can be enjoyed throughout the Winter months as a tasty treat and a way to improve health and prevent illness. Bitters were once a daily ritual meals to improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients. As modern people we have lost our appreciation for bitters as well as many other healthful eating traditions. We will make a bitter remedy with a little sweetness to take home. 

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Earth Ways-Learning Healing from the Land

Saturday, August 29th, noon-3pm  at Shawangunk Nature Preserve

Cost is $10 for materials

Humans have an innate capacity and longing to attach to the land that they live upon. We are all indigenous somewhere and our ancestors knew the deepness of being connected and in communion with nature and their homelands.  As modern people we have forgotten the healing potential and human necessity of this sacred bond that grounds us in the soil, among the roots and within the mycelial network that we walk upon as we are held by the song of the hills, the dance of the rivers, the yelp of the coyotes and the caw of the crows. Even the mist, the moon light and the fire of the sun asks us to invite them into our souls so that we may exchange rhythm, story and dreams that bring us into mutual participation with creation.

During this workshop we will practice interacting and connecting with the land of the Adirondack foothills on the beautiful Shawangunk Nature Preserve. We will explore meditation techniques, guided imagery and intuitive methods of listening, learning and sharing ourselves with all that is wild. We will learn steps to creating greater intimacy with place that will nourish and deepen our roots that will allow us to develop our wholeness as individuals and as a part of the more than human world through designing your own genius loci profile (spirit of place) and making your own land essence/elixir using flower essence methodology