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Hydrosol Distillation Workshop

with Sam Blancato of Strega Botanica

at The Root Circle : 2739 Newport Rd, Newport, NY

Postponed Until Spring 2020


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In this hands-on class we will explore the origins, alchemy, ecological sustainability and process of making hydrosols.

We will be using wild harvested Balsam Fir and other seasonal tree medicine’s to make an essential distillation. Everyone will take home a small jar of hydrosol!

We will conduct a distillation in a traditional copper still while discussing the multidimensional medicinal aspects of the distillation process as well as exploring the essential waters & oils it produces. Distillation is an ancient art that works in harmony with our four core elements and the spirit waters & oils created in the process can be worked with in a multitude of ways ~ we will cover these while focusing on important topics such as conservation & the source of plants & other natural resources used in distilling, as well as the true magic & medicine inherent to the process and water medicine which comes from it.


Sam Blancato of Strega Botanica is an artist, herbalist, Sicilian lineage Witch and a lifelong Plant Devotee. She stewards a regenerative garden, crafts Plant Medicine, & creates Art in a variety of natural mediums. Her main focuses are on Connection & Cultivation ~ hoping to help people remember how to respectfully work with the natural world they belong to and how to reawaken their senses to the magical web we are all a part of. Continuing the ways of her Contadini Ancestors, Sam practices traditional crafts emphasizing local, high quality, low impact ingredients. The Art & Medicine she makes are extensions of her Witchcraft practice and as such, she specializes in the Ancient Alchemical processes of Sculpting, Soap making and Hydrosol Distillation. To learn more about Sam go HERE

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