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Flower Essence Sessions

Flowers + You

Flowers essences are created to activate the correspondence between the human physio-neurological, emotional, and energy systems and the coevolutionary patterns of similar systems contained within plants.

Flower essences are made through the ancient process of alchemy that converts energy from one form to another. Flower essences hold the unique energetic qualities of each plant in a structure that can be imbibed and recieved by the human bio/energy system. 

Plants and people co-evolved, as has all life on Earth, and all living things contain the basic elements and molecules of matter in different proportions and arrangements.

The individual characteristics of each plant species corresponds in some manner to human qualities, conditions, illnesses, creative genius and all possible potentials. We use flower essences to activate the innate healing and evolutionary processes within us on an emotional, spiritual and even physical level.


Flower essences are powerful energetic and emotional allies for growth and healing related to any and all aspects of life.


During a consult we will explore:

 current emotional and physical health

your personal narrative/story/history

 health issues

future dreams


Each flower holds its own unique qualities and characteristics that are arranged in an energetic, molecular and electrical vibratory sequence. This vibration is infused into pure spring water when the flower is in its optimal bloom and the preparation is preserved in brandy and bottled.

The patterns that reside within the molecular, biological and energetic structure of flowers and plants correspond to specific human conditions, as we have co-evolved, and the essences are used to promote the clearing and release of obstacles to healing and to identify and activate strengths and potential gifts. 

During a session you will receive a formula of several essences that are specific to your current needs.

The essence is will be mixed into a small 1/2 oz. bottle that you can take with you anywhere. You will be given full explanation of each essences primary qualities and it generally recommended that you take the essence for up to one month.

Although flower essences can invoke change and healing quickly, it is more often an ongoing journey where as we seek and explore our own nature we realize that the healing process is life long. It is most optimum to follow up with a new essence whenever it seems that lessons and conditions have shifted.