White Pine

Getting To Know White Pine

Getting To Know White Pine

White Pine or Pinus strobus is the tallest tree native to the Adirondack forest;growing up to 150-200'+ with up to an 8' diameter, and was considered sacred by the First Nations of the Haudenosaunee(Iroquois). The White Pine was widely overharvested and more or less clear cut by European colonists  but,  thankfully, there are still several small old growth forests left in the mountains. These are also easy trees to grow and cultivated in any backyard in the Northeast, although they do best in acidic soil and, in fact, the needles are highly acidic when they fall(3.5)  helping to create the necessary conditions for its survival.This will limit the growth of any plants below it with the exception of acid loving plants such as blueberries. I have 3 White Pines in my yard that I never have to mow under because the surface below them is nothing but a sweet bed of Pine needles.

Making White Pine Syrup

White Pine (Pinus strobus) is native to the Adirondack mountains and much of the Eastern US. It has a long history of use by the First Peoples and modern herbalists. Please enjoy this video, my first, as I demonstrate how to make a healing, expectorant syrup to use to treat lung infections.

And this being our first attempt at making a video as a teaching tool we realize that the picture and sound quality need improvement, but I hope the content will still be found to be informative and helpful.