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Ancestral Medicine Sessions

Herbs and Flower Essences for Ancestral Reclamation

During these sessions we will we will use plants, flower essences, Southern Italian Folk Magic, Plant Spirit Medicine, and Western Herbalism as tools for healing ancestral trauma, recovering ancestral wisdom, connecting with personal ancestors, unsettling (decolonizing), and participating in the movement for reparative and generative culture.

“For us to know our selves, to be at home in our bodies and lives,
to be able to live consciously here in a multi-dimensional universe,
to have a sense of connection and continuity that can foster respect,
we must know our ancestry.” Stargazer Li

Flower essences and plants can guide us in discovering the lineage pathways and genetic threads that we have inherited so that we may know ourselves and activate the ability to heal our transgenerational trauma, grief, and loss of belonging.

When we begin to do the good work of developing, healing and maintaining ancestral relationships we also heal the future generations as what we learn, do, know, and choose now will be passed down to our descendants.

One of the primary actions that we can take to contribute to decolonization and social transformation, regardless of where our ancestors hail from,  is to identify and recover our lost lineages and blood histories.

Ancestor veneration has been a part of human cultures worldwide throughout time and ancestral healing customs and practices can support and deepen our understanding of self, family, and community.

You do not need to know anything about your ancestors or your genetic/ethnic lineage to begin ancestral healing work. We all have ancestors regardless of whether we know who they are or not and, once we begin to seek their love and wisdom, the pathways of contact and communication always begin to emerge.

Because our ancestors are seeking us too!

Our ancestors are waiting for us to be open to connecting with them and, when we are, the relationships begin to gain sustenance and strength.  

These session we will  create a safe and energetically sound container that will hold and invite your intentions for the healing and personal evolution that this work offers.

We will use flower essences and plants as allies in some or all of these tools and practices:

  • Guided meditation

  • Ancestral altar building

  • Herbal preparations made with ancestral plants: teas, tinctures, incense, salves

  • Ancestral foods

  • Making Offerings

  • Ritual

  • Dreamwork

When you schedule your session your will receive PDF instructions on first steps and how to begin before we meet, what to gather, and general tips for ancestor work with plants and other tools.

Ancestral healing and reclamation is unique to your personal and familial lineage. It is your own personal journey and where the path leads will be different for everyone. I have developed these sessions based on my own ancestral healing work and the veneration traditions of my traditional peoples as well as my training and experience as a flower essence practitioner, Western herbalist, and plant spirit medicine practitioner.

“Don’t force it. Don’t go into the work with preconceived notions of what magical “results” should look like. Allow your personal lingua franca with the ancestors to develop organically.” ~Mallorie Vaudoise, Italian Folk Magic

::::::All sessions are held either online via zoom or in-person at The Root Circle/Newport, NY::::::

p r i c i n g

Because I believe this work is important for everyone to have access to please let me know if the prices are prohibitive for you. When possible I am willing to negotiate other options for reciprocity and exchange. Email me if you would like to explore this.

d i s c l a i m e r

The nature of these sessions is purely educational and not meant to be a substitute for the care of medical doctor. I do not diagnose or prescribe and my services are in no way intended to provide professional medical or mental health services.