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July Red Tent : Ritual Focus

Ancestral contact/Healing
A guided Flower Essence Journey + Overnight
~ Come to both or either~
~co-facilitated by Lena Moon and Lisa Fazio ~

309 Pardee Rd, Remsen, NY 

Arrive by12:30. Ritual begins at 1:30. Ritual Ends by 4. 

If your just coming for the overnight arrive after 4pm. 


Please RSVP so we have a head count:

For six moons Lisa Fazio and Lena Moon have been meeting on the New and Full Moon's to use flower essences, ritual and trance-inducing methods to connect with our ancestors and to receive their wisdom. The results have been mind-blowing and life transforming. We are ready to guide you into a deeper connection with your own ancestry and the key to personal evolution which that connection holds.

Due to the ritual nature of this Red Tent we will be holding a focused container and therefore we will have a hard deadline for start time. Once the ritual commences the camp will be closed and no one may arrive until after the ritual ends.

If you intend to join the ritual part of our time together you MUST ARRIVE ON TIME!! (Please arrive 15 minutes early). There will be no exceptions.

The purpose of this is to allow us to go deep without interruption and to create a safe energetically sound container that will facilitate the type of healing we are intent on.  
We thank you in advance for your understanding and your respecting this request and the intention of the space we are offering to share with you.

How To Prepare:
Ask yourself and any older living relatives about stories of who your people are, where they came from etc.

Gather what you know, names of people, places, hierloom objects, stories or songs, foods, plants, art or medicines from your family or countries of origin.

Begin asking your dreaming self for dreams/visions of your ancestors/ homelands etc before you fall asleep at night.

We ask that you eat lightly and sparingly on the day of the Red Tent. Plenty of tea, juices, smoothies etc are fine. Salads, steamed veggies ok too. Nothing heavy though. This helps you be a receptive vessel during our ritual. We will feast after our ritual closes.

What To Bring:

  • Pillows/ yoga mat, blankets - to be comfortable while sitting/laying on the floor
  • Journal and pen
  • An object for the altar (i.e. an heirloom gift in your family, a plant or depiction of a plant you know as food or medicine or otherwise connected to your ancestry - say the shamrock for the irish or even the potato for that matter! *
  • An open mind/heart and attentive focused disposition

if you do not know anything about your ancestry you can still participate in this ritual. In fact you are encouraged to. In this case please bring a rock of your choosing to hold space on the altar as stones are like the bones of the earth and are our oldest living relatives in nature, their consciousness is ancient and can stand in as a connection to your link to your ancestral line.