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Join Lisa and Pete for this hands-on medicine making event!

In the spirit of the Utica Herbal Study Group

At The Root Circle

2739 Newport Rd, Newport, NY

Saturday, September 7, 2019 :: Noon-2pm

Amaro is a traditional Italian herbal remedy or digestif. It is usually made with bitter herbs and taken after meals to aid the digestion of food. In Italy, these herbal remedies were made in every village and each village had their own recipes based on the plants that grew around them locally and the yearly health needs of the community. The formula was intended for the whole community and was made collectively in the piazza or center of town, according to ethnobotanists and historians.

Making medicine in community is part of cultivating connectedness and building a culture of togetherness. Working with each on a shared project such as this adds a sense of this connection to the medicine and not only bonds us with each other but with the plants and the land. We will use both traditional Amaro herbs and spices as well as whatever locally available plants we can gather. You will also have a choice of herbs to address other health concerns such as herbs for lung or nervous system support. We will share the medicinal properties of all of the herbs we will use!

We are asking for donations to cover our costs and have set it up on a sliding scale. Your donation pays for materials, the maintenance of the teaching space, and our ability/availability to continue doing this work. If you can pay on the high end of the scale that will help someone who couldn’t otherwise afford to come. To read more about sliding scale economics go to: The Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice

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During the workshop we will make a big batch of Amaro together and everyone will take home a jar of their own.

Please Bring:

A pint Ball glass canning jar with lid to take home your share of the Amaro.

Please pre-register because space is limited.

Amaro Making Workshop
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