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this month will be all about Nettles!

Rhizomatic Earth Medicine : Nettles Month
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The practice of plant medicine is an instinctive art and a process of not only learning and integrating the knowledge of our elders, but of becoming aware of the intuitive, ancestral, and wild potential that we are all born with. 

We have one more month and then we’ll be taking a break. Sign up for May’s plant study and email delivery below!

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Rhizome: A continuously growing horizontal underground stem that puts out lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals.
— Oxford English Dictionary online

Rhizomatic Earth Medicine is for anyone that wants to live more wild and rooted. For anyone who longs to be connected to place. For anyone who knows that magic isn't a word for tricks or slight-of-hand but is instead a word for the temporal and intelligent forces of nature and the elements and how we ourselves are made from these.

Rhizomatic Earth Medicine is for anyone who wants to learn more about plant medicine and folk herbalism as an instinctive and cultural art by including plants in their daily lives and being part of a plant-focused community.

A rhizome is actually an underground stem that is rootlike; it spreads horizontally, sending out shoots and creating a lateral chain of connection where new sprouts can emerge.

Rhizomatic Earth Medicine is a subscription circle that includes a monthly online zoom meeting to discuss one specific plant or plant medicine topic every month and includes monthly missives delivered to your inbox with writings about plants, place, and magic, poetry, videos, informational pdf’s, worksheet, recipes, ritual, and all things wild and Earthly. *meeting can be accessed by computer or phone.

Why “Rhizomatic?”

Our ancestors in healing, the long-ago plant people, were in service to their human community as well as the plant allies they harvested from the hedges. The rhizomati were carriers of traditional healing knowledge and have emerged at various points in time. In fact, as would a rhizome — going underground for a time and sprouting their legacy up to the surface in another place or time.

Some of these practitioners of spirit, shamans of the village soul, and knowers of the herb were called The Rhizomati or “root-cutters."

The rhizomati, who conjured the medicine of plants, were the witches, magicians, and healers of the underground, the underlying, and the unseen lateral energy patterns of the universe acting much like the underground rhizomes found in the plant kingdom.

The legacy of these herbalists has carried their medicine bags into the vernacular, or kitchen, gardens of the past few hundred years in Europe and North America. Such gardens belonged to people of any class, and provided subsistence food and medicine to individuals and families. These communal plots were stewarded by the rhizomati and provided a local source of plants and seeds, were designed to meet the natural rhythms of the seasons, and were small enough to adapt to changing local conditions. They were places in which the rhizomati, managed and distributed plants, seeds, and other tools of cultivating. The Rhizomati were peers, not the central authority, among family, neighbors, and friends with who they exchanged garden innovations, harvesting techniques, and plant healing practices.

Here’s how to subscribe:

The subscription is paid by the month. There is one more month left to sign up! Then we will be taking a break and hope to be back at it by Fall 2019 or before!

The subscription prices for the are based on a sliding scale.

A sliding scale offers a greater scope of accessibility to the basic information shared here. This system is intended to balance unfair social and economic disparities so that those with less pay less, and those with more pay more. Where you are on the scale is self-determined which means it’s up to you to decide.

Those that pay on the higher end of the scale are ultimately helping those that may not otherwise be able to afford this offering because the collective contributions of everyone are what supports this ongoing body of work and my ability to continue to facilitate it.

****Still wondering about what a sliding scale is? Go to “Worts and Cunning Apothecary” and read The Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice

This. is. community.


Choose a payment amount is best suited to you based on your current life circumstances including level of interest or passion, time, and your access to material resources.


Each month you will be invited to a 2 hour online/Zoom Plant Study Group monthly live meeting (will be recorded if you can’t make it) the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm Eastern time.

During these meetings we will discuss one plant or folk herbal topic in depth. There will be time before and after for Q & A and sharing about the current or previous topic.

*meeting can be accessed by computer or phone

Monthly email delivery

  1. Poetry and prose inspired by plants, place, and magic. This may include the topics of herbal medicine, ecology, permaculture, astrology, tarot, ancestral recovery, witchcraft, place making, and ritual.

  2. A PlantHenge/Plant Study pdf download of one plant per month

  3. A seasonal medicine tip either by pdf download or video or both.

  4. Land connection ritual instructions and/or recipe for an herbal remedy

When we learn about plants from a circular instead of linear models we can understand them as dynamic, living, and evolutionary. Using a Plant Henge we place the plant at the center and follow the intersecting lines toward several aspects allowing us to hold multiple perspectives. Learn more HERE

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Rhizomatic Earth Medicine : Nettles Month
from 5.00
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