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plants + you +  health

An herbalist is a person who uses plants, foods, and other natural healing techniques to support good health and the body’s innate healing processes.
— Phyllis Light
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Individualized Plantwork Session

with Lisa Fazio

 During an herbal care session we will look at your health history and your current concerns. And herbal protocol will be created based on 3 primary elements; 


The condition and/or your concerns

The plants that resonate and correspond to both



The goal of a session is to share the specifics of herbal knowledge to support the self-attunement, empowerment, and positive actions that will help you to access your innate healing potential while, at the same time, remove obstacles to that process. 

Herbs are recommended as an important tool to supporting the resolution of chronic and acute illness alone or as an integral  and complementary part of other practices.


Other recommendations may include some or all of the following: 

  • LIfestyle

  • Psycho-Spiritual

  • Supplements

  • Nutrition

  • Movement

  • Emotional Health

This type of deep healing work requires a strong commitment and it may take several months for there to be noticeable shifts. The general rule is one month of following an herbal protocol for every year that the condition or issue has been present.

***But you are at all times autonomous and at any time free to choose to stop any recommendations or to stop seeing me.  I am also happy to share referrals to other practitioners if you should desire. After working together you may discover that you need to work with another practitioner or another modality instead. That is totally acceptable and I fully encourage everyone to follow their own healing journey.

Some Of The Issues That Can Be Addressed During A Session

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Family Home Remedies + Children and Babies

  • Womban's Health Concerns; PMS, Menstrual Complaints, Menopause, Fertility

  • Allergies and Food Sensitivies

  • Digestive Issues + Leaky Gut

  • Chronic and longstanding health concerns

  • Lyme Disease

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Disorder

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Nutrition

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Custom Formulations

Together we will devise a protocol that usually includes one or more custom made formulas designed to align with your specific constitution, health history, and symptoms.


Initial Session

After you make your appointment you'll receive an intake form. During your session we will go over it as we work together, as partners, to determine your unique needs, constitution, and the underlying patterns of your symptoms.

You session will also include:

  • 1-2 hours of your time

  • A discussion of the options for you herbal protocol based on what types of herbal preparations you prefer or would like to implement

  • A discussion of how much time you can commit to the implementation of your herbal protocol. For example: Some folks want it to be as simple as possible so we might include tinctures or capsules and some folks want to learn how to make their own tea blends.

  • A personalized plan with recommendations designed to meet your needs

  • two email conversations with Lisa


All herbal preparations are charged separately and you are in no way obligated to buy anything from me.

Your Customized Formula

*Not everyone wants or needs a customized formula. Sometimes recommendations can be just a simple tea. We determine this together and it is ultimately your choice.

The formula is a combination of herbs designed for your unique situation. The cost of a two-week supply of your formula will be about  $25-30 plus shipping.  I will always consider your budget requirements and will help you source the best quality herbal preparations or supplements for the best prices as well as offer guidance in making your own remedies.  

Individual Plantwork Initial Session

Email to schedule an appointment


Follow-up appointments are usually 4-6 weeks after the intial appointment and generally last an hour or less. During these we will assess shifts that you have experienced on your protocol and other issues that may have arisen. We may make changes to your plan at this time if necessary.


If the cost of a consult is a financial challenge please inquire about:

Sliding Scale

Payment Plan



If you live in the Mohawk Valley region consults are available in person at:

The Root Circle, 2739 Newport Rd, Newport, NY

I prefer to see people in person, but sometimes distance makes that impossible. I will usually try to recommend an herbalist in your community if I know of one. If not, I am happy to do an internet or phone consult.

Email Lisa if you have further questions:


Lisa Fazio is a knowledgeable, experienced, intuitive wise-woman who has helped me immensely. I value her acumen with herbs and essences and her unending patience and kindness. A session with Lisa is the opposite of a doctor’s visit. It is comfortable and easy, more like spending time with a very interested and understanding friend. I walk away invigorated with the plans and means Lisa has given me to improve my life through better health. Thank you, Lisa, for all that you do!
— Krista
My intention when I started to see Lisa as a client was to find a more holistic way of treating some nagging issues I was dealing with. Her approach of treating the whole body, mind and spirit has helped to get to the root of these issues. Her ability to listen and truly hear is key along with her knowledge and experience with plants that are supportive to body. Not only has she advised but she has introduced and educated me to a better way of taking care of myself....grateful
— Barb
Working with herbal medicine woman Lisa helped me in my journey to heal a “chronic” illness. She has magical intuition and a deep knowledge and understanding of the plant world connection. Our meetings were insightful on many levels and the tinctures, tonics, and salves are potent and powerful.
— Catherine
My family and I have been working with Lisa for many years. The way she applies ancient and traditional wisdom to modern living is beyond inspirational. Her services are individualized, customized and tailor made for each person. If you are looking for a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to your environment, look no further, The Root Circle is a great start to an incredible journey.”
— Jenn



A custom herbal care session is not a substitute for not consulting a medical professional and is intended to be for educational purposes where tradtional knowledge of plants is shared and an individual's relationship with their innate healing ability is facilitated. This is in no way intended to replace or simulate the activities of mainstream medicine that would diagnose, treat, or cure a medical condition and any resemblance to such is entirely incidental, and in fact, we hope that these sessions are far more inspiring and self-empowering than that. 


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