Italian Immersion Day with Karyn Crisis

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Italian Immersion Day with Karyn Crisis

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At The Root Circle

2739 Newport Rd, Newport, NY

A full immersion day with author Karyn Crisis

 Saturday September 15, 2018


Karyn is author of the groundbreaking volume I book, Italy's Witches and Medicine Women, and she will share her research and discoveries from her experience with the indigenous healers of Italy. The day will include part lecture and part hands-on demonstration of the practices of Italy's healers.

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Italy has a strong and ongoing tradition of healing that has remained intact for centuries despite a multitude of political and cultural changes. Even when the work healing and medicine became predominated by men and masculine forces the village healers and witches were relied upon for cures by even the likes of the famous physician Paracelsus. As Karyn writes in her book:

"It was witches who developed an extensive understanding of bones and muscles, herbs and drugs, while physicians were still deriving their prognosis from astrology and alchemists were trying to turn lead into gold. So great was the witches knowledge that in 1527, Paracelsus, considered the 'father of modern medicine,' burned his text on pharmaceuticals, confessing that he 'had learned from the Sorceress all he knew.'"

There were cities and centers in Italy that were considerable "crossroads" for travelers and practitioners from cultures and countries who brought their healing and magical traditions to Italy where they merged. Therefore, many of these ancient medicine ways hold influences and keys to other cultural inheritances as well.

 There are still medicine people alive  today carrying on their lineage magic and living in devotion and service to their communities. These enclaves of feminine resilience, power, and mastery have survived even through the deadly inquisition and hold a supreme relevance to the necessity and liberation of the divine feminine as a force of nature and ally in resistance to patriarchy and oppression everywhere. 

There will be a light lunch and tea served. Please bring snacks or any special foods that you might require. 

The event is held in our one-room classroom space. It is wood-heated and equipped with a sink, stove, and refrigerator. The restroom is an outdoor composting toilet (aka outhouse). 

We do have limited space for anyone that would like to stay the night in the classroom for $15 per night and is first-come, first-serve.  There is a futon, air mattress, and room for sleeping bags. We also have unlimited free camping on our land. 

For questions email Lisa:

The Root Circle is an inclusive space and everyone is welcome!

Pre-registration is required and space is limited!


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