Herbal Tea Blending Workshop

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Herbal Tea Blending Workshop

from 15.00

At The Root Circle onsite teaching center :: 2739 Newport Rd, Newport NY

This is a hands on workshop all about the ins and outs of herbal tea blending for any level of herbal enthusiast. We will discuss how to blend herbs together for taste and medicine as well as make a blend that you can take home.

This workshop is offered at sliding scale pricing. Questions about what a sliding scale is? Go HERE

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Making tea is one of the most ancient means of preparing herbal medicines as well as  the simplest. Teas are made with either dried or fresh plants and water which makes them inexpensive and accessible. Making tea was likely the first method of herbal medicine making and was practiced in cultures worldwide.

During this workshop we will talk about:

  • How to brew different parts of the plant; leaves, flowers, roots, barks

  • The difference between teas, decoctions, and infusions

  • Using dried vs fresh herbs. We will fresh gather some herbs from my garden if the weather and season allows

  • The medicinal properties of the various herbs we’ll use

  • Tools and utensils

  • Recipes for specific health concerns

The workshop will take place at our onsite teaching center and is limited to 10 participants.

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