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Astrologia :: Latin :: “a telling of the stars”

++ 5 Weeks ++

April 9- May 11 :: $125

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Basic Astrology and Plant Medicine Online Course

This is the first time I have run this course online so I am offering it at a reduced price. Get it while it’s hot!

There is an option to make two payments instead of one. I hope to have scholarships available in the future if I run this class again.

This course will blend the basic principles of traditional astrology, plant medicine, and the language of the zodiac to offer an everyday understanding of how the planets and stars influence life on Earth. An excellent series for beginner or intermediate astrologers.

During this 5 week course we will learn the language of astrology that allows us to understand what the “heavenly bodies” are telling us.

Astrology is the science and art of calculating astronomical movements and positions and delineating the meaning of these for life on Earth.

This course if for anyone who wants to learn about how astrology can reflect and offer insights to a greater understanding of self and our relationships. the astrology this course teaches is folk astrology intended for every day, common use.

It is for any level of stellar enthusiast and you don’t need any background in astrology or herbal medicine to take this. It is also for anyone who already has a foundation in astrology and would like to learn more about plant and planetary correspondences as well as a deeper understanding of the signs, planets, and houses. Or herbalists who want to integrate some foundational knowledge of astrology into their repetoire.

This is not for becoming a professional medical astrologer or clinical herbalist. There are others offering good quality courses on such.

The course includes 4 weeks of emails that include a video lesson with a PDF download and two live online meetings. The first meeting will be to meet each other, ask questions, and go over the initial material. The second meeting will be week 5 and during that time we will look at each others charts (this is voluntary).

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During this week we will explore the difference between the inner and outer planets and how their distance and motion around the sun affects their influence on Earth. We will also discuss the origins of astrology and how classic astrology only uses the inner planets for all delineation and universal meaning.


Every sign in the zodiac has a planetary ruler for which they embody it’s character. This means that the sign is primarily influenced and governed by its ruling planet and its basic personality reflects the same qualities. We will explore each sign, it’s corresponding symbol, and it’s meaning. We will also explore the astrological body and how each sign corresponds to the human body.


Each of the signs and the planets, as well as the human body, corresponds to the zodiac chart. This chart is laid out in 12 house around a wheel and we will learn what each of the houses represents. We will also learn where each of the signs and planets falls in your chart (I’ll share how you can calculate your chart online for free) and how to interpret your rising, sun, and moon signs.


Each plant has a ruling planet and each sign has corresponding remedy plants. During this class we’ll discuss the plants that can balance and strengthen the gifts of each sign as well as how the energetic qualities of the planets are mapped within each plant.


Using your own chart you will receive a guide to delineating the primary chart aspects including major planetary angles, chart signatures, chart elements, and chart modes.


The first live call will be to meet, ask questions, and go over the first weeks material. The second call will be to look over each other’s charts as well as other charts of interest that I will provide. This will not be full chart reading, but I will offer guidance for looking at certain aspects of your chart. Sharing your chart will be voluntary, of course, and you can by participate whether you share or not. Looking at other charts is one of the best ways to learn astrology!

How it works:

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  • As soon as you register you will receive a welcome email with a suggested reading list and zoom meeting links

  • On Sunday April 7 you receive an invite to join a private facebook group exclusively for this class. I know some don’t have facebook and that’s ok. It’s not a requirement. It’s just a space to share and ask questions amongst eachother. I will set hours when I will be available to answer questions there during those times and probably, per chance, other times as well.

  • On Tuesday every week starting April 9th you will receive an email with a video lesson and pdf study guide.

  • There will be two 1-2 hour live meetings (they’ll be recorded):

    • The first on Saturday, April 13th, at 10am Eastern time

    • The second on Saturday, May 11th at 10am Eastern time

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About Lisa Fazio


Lisa is a western astrologer with 27 years of study and training. She began casting charts, with a pencil and a calculator, under the tutelage of Tiny Shuster community astrologer from St. Johnsville, NY and continues under her mentorship today. Tiny is now 88 years old! Lisa’s specialties are archetypal and intuitive astrology, astroherbology, and lunar astrology.

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