Cimaruta Flower Essence


Cimaruta Flower Essence


This is an essence for protection named after the Cimaruta (chee-mah- roo-tah); a charm from Italian folk magic. Cimaruta literally means “sprig of rue” and the traditional Cimaruta is an apotropaic (wards of negative influences) amulet, worn around the neck, and including several magical symbols known for their protective power.

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Protection is a primary aspect of Italian folk healing that more than wards off negative influences. It also sets boundaries, defines and cleanses the spirit, soul, and body as well as ritual objects, homes, and other communal and personal spaces and things. It is a method of communication and mediary between and within the worlds as well as interpersonally. Invoking the various techniques of protection ground and center us in time and space so enabling us to become more fully embodied and present. In this way, protection is not necessarily defensive (although that might be the case at times), more it is about creating a solid, integrous, container for our engagement with the world and others. When we are fully in our presence and power our need for defensive measures is reduced because we are far less susceptible.

Use Cimaruta Flower Essence for all matters of protection. This can be when you just feel you need more grounding and presence in your daily life, for entering dreamwork, or for dealing with external situations and other. It can be added to bath water, altar/holy water, for cleansing sacred tools or charms, and in a spray bottle for a room spray as well as taken as a regular flower essence.

Dosage: This is a stock bottle so can be taken directly by the drop; 1-3 drops under the tongue or in water 2-3x per day or as desired. It can also be used to make a dosage bottle if that is a practice you're familiar with.

This essence is a combination of protective plants from Italian folk healing along with the vibrational essence of the Nazar. The Nazar is a symbol from all over the Mediterranean known to ward off the evil eye or, in Italian, the “malocchio.”

The plant essences included are: Basilico (Sweet Basil), Rue, Yarrow, St. Johnswort, and Mugwort in Adirondack spring water and Brandy

Comes in a 1/2 stock bottle.

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